Is It Bad to Lose Weight Too Quickly?

When we decide to lose weight, we want to do it in a few days. It sounds fascinating and compelling, but rapid weight loss is not the way to go. According to experts, it can sabotage your long-term weight loss plans and even damage your health.

Rapid weight loss can be done by restricting the diet, but it is not as beneficial as a steady diet. If you want to know how fast weight loss adversely impacts health, you are at the right place. This article discusses the negative effects of sudden weight loss on a diet.

What is Fast Weight Loss?

There is no specific number that determines that you are losing weight abnormally fast. The factors such as age, weight, and level of activity determine what level is hazardous for you.

Do not worry about the number of pounds you are losing. Instead, focus on the diet plan you are following to get desired results instantly. Strict diets with unrealistic claims often fall in the rapid weight loss category.

Avoid super strict diets as they are quite challenging if they are not impossible to get long-term results. Moreover, if you cannot follow a diet plan for months and years, it is also a fast weight loss plan, and these diet plans are not healthy. The best goal of weight loss should be losing 1 to 2 pounds weekly.

Can you Maintain Fast Weight loss?

Anybody who is motivated to lose weight instantly can stick to rapid weight loss. When it comes to retaining the results, it is not in the person's hand, nor can he retain it. Most people who follow the rapid diet plan regain their weight rapidly. They are likely to gain 4 to 5 kg.

On the other hand, steady weight loss not only helps lose healthy fats but also develops healthy eating behavior to keep a healthy figure. It is safer than rapid weight loss even if you do not have the support of a healthy person.

Risks of Fast Weight Loss

Do you want to feel 10 pounds lighter every week? Then it is hard to resist the aura of a rapid diet plan. However, remember that these diet plans are not healthy for your well-being.

You Lose Muscles

When you cut off the calories from the diet, you will witness significant shrinking in a few days, but it is not the fat you lose. It is muscle mass. It not only makes you lose muscles but also minimizes fat burning because muscles burn lots of calories.

The combination of weight loss speed and exercise offers adequate body time to lose fats while retaining muscle mass.

Metabolism Shifts to Low Gear

Metabolism is the calorie-burning process, and the metabolism that has entered energy-saving mode is likely to damage the body's capability to retain weight loss results.

When you rapidly lose weight, the body minimizes the calorie-burning process. It is a natural process to ensure the human body does not starve. Once the metabolism gets back to its original state, the rapid weight loss result will fade away. It is because your metabolic system is not used to so many calories resulting in increasing pounds.

You Miss Out on Essential Nutrients

The human body requires certain amounts of nutrients daily for proper functioning. It requires a whole range of fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and carbs. When you cut off whole food, you can be at risk:

  • Fatigue and energy loss
  • Digestion problems
  • Loss of bone density and strength
  • Hair loss
  • Low immunity

However, there is nothing harmful if you are maintaining a nutrient-rich diet. For fast yet healthy weight loss, your diet should contain nutrient-rich food, and do not try to cut more than 500 calories per day.

Healthy Weight Loss should be the Goal

There is no thumb rule for drafting a diet plan. There is no diet that functions similarly for every person. Anyhow, these general guidelines will help you lose weight while retaining health.

Take Good Sleep

Whenever you are exhausted, tired and sleepless, you feel hungrier. When the body lacks energy, hunger hormones rush and vanish the chances of ignoring even your least favorite dish. If you are skipping sleep daily, even the best weight loss plan will not work for you.

Build Muscles while Losing Weight

Healthy weight loss is not only associated with diet; physical activities also play a crucial role. Cardio exercises such as walking potentially burn fats, but strength training is mandatory as well. When you lift heavy weights and practice strength training, your muscle mass will increase. When you have stronger muscles:

  • The bones will be strengthened and reduce the risk of fractures and bone-related disease
  • Improves overall balance
  • It helps burn more calories
  • Reduce joint pain and keep you moving

How to find the Right Balance for Healthy Diet

For healthy weight loss, finding the right balance is essential. Initially, there was no fixed rule to determine healthy weight loss, but now DNA tests provide fixed numbers for every person.

How DNA helps in weight loss journey?

For best results, you are suggested to consider Healeo Nutrition. They offer India's first-ever DNA-based weight management program with an expert team. Their nutrigenomics has more than 15 years of experience in weight management and genetics.

They carefully analyze your DNA and help formulate a diet plan to help in healthy weight loss. The team is an outcome drive. It means they make sure that the team is always available to clear second thoughts and concerns you have regarding your journey and fitness goals.

Final Verdict

Due to societal pressure or personal desires, sometimes we want to lose weight instantly in a matter of a few days. We forget the difference between healthy and unhealthy in the thirst for achieving a goal. Now innovative techniques have made it possible to lose weight instantly while maintaining balance and retaining muscle mass. For this purpose, you are suggested to get DNA tested. It gives the reflection of your body functioning, which helps determine the optimal plan.