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Reverse Fatty Liver With DNA-based Diets

Permanently reverse fatty liver by following personalized diets, exercise and lifestyle changes based on your DNA.

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Book 1-on-1 call with our fatty liver experts


Success Stories

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Don’t just take our word for it. Here are real testimonials from happy clients who reversed their fatty liver.

Reversed in 2 months
Dr. Amol Pawar
44 years old
97 kgs
88 kgs

I was diagnosed with stage 2 Fatty Liver and after undergoing the Healeo’s fatty liver treatment program for 2 months, my liver function has fully recovered and I have been completely cured! They had given me easy to follow diets based on my DNA reports. I never thought that I would be able to return to a normal life, but thanks to the Healeo team, I have been able to achieve just that.

Reversed in 3 months
Faijan Ali
47 years old
89 kgs
72 kgs

I had fatty liver and because of that I was taking too many medicines at a time just to manage it. After genomics testing, I understood my body functioning and now I am not taking so much medication instead handling most of the part by diet and exercise only and very few medication.

Reversed in 3 month
Jitendar Kumar
37 years old
81 kgs
70 kgs

I was suffering from grade 2 nonalcoholic fatty liver disease and had tried various typical treatments and strong medications, but nothing was effective. That's when I heard about Healeo Nutrition and their genomics-based approach to fatty liver treatment. The team at Healeo understood my body pattern and their response and according to that, they provided me with diet and workout plans along with proper supplementation. Thanks to their program, my liver pain has disappeared and I was able to reverse my fatty liver completely!

Reversed in 1 month
Chandrashekhar Wankhede
43 years old
97 kgs
82 kgs

I am so happy that my Fatty Liver got cured with Healeo Genomics. Despite suffering from fatty liver symptoms and liver problems, traditional medicines did not provide any relief. However, the genomics testing offered by Healeo was a game-changer for me. Thanks to their personalized approach to fatty liver treatment, I was able to reverse my condition within just 3 months. All the fatty liver symptoms has also disappeared.

How It Works

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DNA Based Fatty Liver Reversal Plan



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Fatty Liver Reversal, effective weight loss, as well as tackling various other diseases like cholesterol, hypertension, and cardiac conditions.

  • DNA Test
  • Genetic Consultation
  • 1 Diet consultation with Nutritionist
  • DNA-based Diet Plan
  • 15 Day Chat Support
  • 1 month supply Liver Forte
  • DNA-based Healthy Recipes
  • DNA-based All-In-One Guides


DNA testing helps identify genetic factors influencing fatty liver development, allowing for personalized treatment plans that target specific genetic vulnerabilities.

✅ Permanent reversal of Fatty Liver

✅ Eliminates the need for trial and error

✅ Easy to follow

✅ Reduces risk of other chronic diseases

✅ Clinically proven method

✅ One-time investment

✅ India’s Only DNA-based Reversal Program

We analyze your DNA to identify specific factors influencing your fatty liver condition, allowing us to create a targeted and customized plan. DNA testing puts an end to the ‘One Size Fit All’ approach for treating fatty liver.Through a DNA test you can find the answers to the below questions

  1. Which are the best foods to reverse my fatty liver?
  2. What is the right time and type of exercise for my body?
  3. What is the culprit for my fatty liver?

DNA-based diet differs significantly from a normal diet as it eliminates the trial-and-error method commonly associated with conventional diets. A typical diet might provide a template diet chart, which, unfortunately, may include foods that are not suitable for you based on your genetic profile. Consuming such foods could potentially increase inflammation in the body, exacerbating fatty liver issues.

In contrast, our DNA-based diet is exclusively tailored to suit your body's unique genetic makeup. Each diet plan is personalized according to your DNA risk markers, ensuring that only foods compatible with your genetic profile are included. 

To showcase the effectiveness of our program, we invite you to explore a case study featuring one of our clients who initially struggled to reverse grade 1 fatty liver despite following a Healthifyme diet plan for six months. 

After transitioning to the DNA-based diet plan crafted by our nutrigenomic expert, this client successfully reversed their fatty liver in just three months. Click on the link below to see the case study

Healthifyme vs Healeo DNA-based diet plan

The timeframe for results in Healeo's DNA-based fatty liver reversal program varies based on factors such as the grade of fatty liver, chronicity, weight, and other health conditions. Typically, a reversal of at least one grade can be seen within the 3 months, but individual responses vary.

It is crucial for individuals to stay committed to the program and adhere to personalized recommendations given by our experts to achieve results

Yes, our program is designed to address various types of fatty liver conditions. We conduct an assessment to determine eligibility.

Yes, the main advantage of a DNA-based diet is its ease of incorporation into your daily lifestyle. The personalized nature of these diets allows for small, manageable changes that align with your genetic profile. 

This makes it easier to follow, as the adjustments are tailored to your individual needs, ensuring a more sustainable and practical approach to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

For example, a DNA test tells you whether you can metabolize fats properly. MUFA is a type of fat commonly found in olive oil.

If your MUFA metabolism is poor in the report that means olive oil is not suitable for your body. Even though olive oil is commonly considered as healthy, it is not healthy for you and you should avoid its intake. Excluding olive oil thus will reduce the load on your liver and help in fatty liver reversal.

Liver cirrhosis/fibrosis detected in early stages can be reversed. But if the scarring surpasses a certain threshold, it cannot be reversed. It can be managed with proper diet, exercise and supplements. Doing so will help you in preventing liver failure.

We can help you find the correct diet, exercise and supplements for your condition through a DNA test.

Mild fibrosis in certain people can be reversed. But it has to be done immediately as it can easily progress to cirrhosis. Once it is in that stage it is not reversible. 

We can help you find the correct diet, exercise and supplements for your condition through a DNA test. Book a consultation with us to know more.

Numerous studies suggest that adopting a nutrigenomic diet, tailored to an individual's DNA, can contribute to the permanent reversal of fatty liver.

Please click the below link to see the studies


To enroll in the DNA-based Fatty Liver Reversal Program, simply book a consultation with our senior nutrigenomic expert. During this consultation, our expert will assess your condition and determine your eligibility for the program.

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India's First DNA-based Fatty Liver Reversal Program ✅ Permanent reversal of Fatty Liver ✅ Eliminates need for trial and error ✅ Easy to follow✅ Reduces risk of other chronic diseases✅ Clinically proven method✅ One-time investment 

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