With hectic schedules and busy routines, it can be hard to focus on your health. Sometimes you might ignore the visible symptoms of various diseases, which can be harmful to your health in the long run. 

Fatty liver disease is one of the most commonly occurring problems precisely due to obesity and addiction to drinking. 

The condition is based on your SGPT and SGOT level solely. It is essential to learn about these two enzymes if you are facing any type of liver issues. 

What is SGPT & SGOT? 

SGPT stands for Serum Glutamic Pyruvic Transaminase, which is commonly known as ALT. It is an enzyme that is present in heart and liver cells. Their presence in the blood helps in determining various diseases of the liver and heart through the SGPT test. 

SGOT stands for Serum Glutamic Oxaloacetic Transaminase, which is commonly known as AST. It is another essential liver enzyme that is elevated into the blood when liver cells get damaged. The SGOT test helps in verifying liver diseases. 

Symptoms of High SGPT & SGOT level 

SGPT and SGOT both are liver enzymes that get to work when the body faces any problems regarding the liver. They are diffused into the blood in high amounts only when the body suffers from liver disease. 

SGPT and SGOT tests are carried out by taking a sample of your blood, and their high levels indicate liver cell damage. 

Some symptoms of high levels of SGPT and SGOT are listed below to help you determine any problem without taking the test. 

  • Constant Vomiting 
  • Nauseous feeling 
  • Unknown weight loss 
  • Body aches 
  • Shortness of breath 
  • Unnecessary bruising 
  • Excessive bleeding 
  • Fatigue 

If you are facing any of these symptoms without any reason, make sure to visit your doctor as soon as possible. Take a Liver Function test as well to avoid any problems in the long run. 

What Causes High SGPT & SGOT levels?

There are many conditions due to which SGPT and SGOT levels can increase. They are:

  • Drinking high amounts of Alcohol
  • Taking too much medication such as paracetamol
  • Hepatitis A, B, C
  • Certain heart conditions
  • Fat accumulation in liver (fatty liver)
  • Obesity
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Tips to Reduce SGPT & SGOT level 

High SGPT and SGOT levels can become life-threatening if not treated properly. It is essential to learn about the problem that is causing them to rise and treat it to prevent any consequences. Mostly SGPT and SGOT levels rise because of fatty liver disease. 

It is a common disease that can be reversed with proper care and the right treatment. Reversing fatty liver disease will make your body healthier by reducing the SGPT and SGOT levels and maintaining them on a certain level. 

However, you should follow the tips mentioned below to reverse fatty liver disease and reduce SGPT and SGOT levels.

1. Eat Healthy

Diet plays a crucial role in a healthy body, and focusing on your diet plan and changing it accordingly can help lower the SGPT and SGOT levels.

Diets rich in fibre and antioxidants help in protecting the liver from damage and prevent liver diseases. 

Make sure to include high fibre sources like fruits and vegetables & antioxidants from foods such as citrus fruits, nuts & oilseeds

2. Exercise Often

Exercise is an excellent way of keeping your body healthy. Exercising will always be your best friend if you are trying to fight a disease like fatty liver or obesity. 

It will help in increasing your energy while reducing the stress on your liver which will automatically balance your SGPT and SGOT levels. 

Avoid Junk Food and Alcohol 

Fatty liver disease is mainly caused by obesity and oily foods, which causes the SGPT and SGOT levels to rise. 

Try to avoid junk foods and alcohol for some time to maintain your liver enzyme levels. 

Alcohol is the most damaging product for people with fatty liver diseases because it contains nicotine and other harmful products that are hard to metabolize. 

3. Proper Treatment 

Even though the fatty liver disease is not a life-threatening disease, it can cause various problems if not treated properly. 

Determining the disease early and following a proper plan for its treatment is the best way to lower your SGPT and SGOT levels. 

Healeo’s DNA-based Fatty Liver Reversal Program determines the root cause of disease through genetic composition with new technologies and advanced health care. 

This program is tailored specifically for every individual and gives a unique health score that accurately determines your health condition. 

This program also gives you an accurate diagnosis and provides a personalized diet and exercise plan based on your DNA to help you on your health journey. 

Following a proper routine and keeping track of insights will help reverse fatty liver disease as well as reduce SGPT and SGOT levels. 

The Bottom Line 

Fatty liver disease is a common problem among middle-aged individuals these days. However, fighting it with proper care and treatment will help you lead a happier and healthy life. 

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